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Digimatic Depth Calipers
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Digimatic Depth Calipers
  • Provide stable depth measurements.
  • Zero/ABS key : Allows the display to be Zero set at any slider position along the scale for incremental comparison measurements.
  • This switch will also return to the absolute mode and display the true position from the origin point.
  • Power supply: One SR44 or LR44 Battery.
  • Function: On/Off, Origin (Zero setting), Data output, inch/mm.
  • Made of Stainless Steel.
Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy (±) L
186-150 150mm/6” 0.01mm/0.0005” 0.03mm 250
186-200 200mm/8” 0.01mm/0.0005” 0.03mm 300
186-300 300mm/12” 0.01mm/0.0005” 0.04mm 405
(Unit: mm)
Digimatic Depth Calipers - SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS
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