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Digimatic Depth Micrometers
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Digimatic Depth Micrometers
  • Interchangeable rods, with lapped measuring end, provide a wide measuring range.
  • The rod length can be adjusted in 25mm increments.
  • IP54 (Dust and Water Resistant).
  • Functions: on/off, set, ABS/INC, inch/mm conversion.
  • With data output.
  • Power supply : One SR44 Battery or LR44.
  • Positive locking clamp.
  • Ratchet stop for exact repetitive readings.
Order No. Range Resolution Accuracy (±)
393-025 0-25mm 0.001mm/0.00005” Micrometer head 3μm
Rod (2+L/75)μm
L=Maximum Measuring
393-050 0-50mm 0.001mm/0.00005”
393-100 0-100mm 0.001mm/0.00005”
393-150 0-150mm 0.001mm/0.00005”
(Unit: mm)
Digimatic Depth Micrometers - SPECIFICATIONS & DIMENSIONS
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