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TH-250 Coating Thickness Gauge
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TH-250 Coating Thickness Gauge
The YAMAYO BLISS TH-250 is a state of the art thickness gauge, you can easily detect the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate (ferrous) or an insulating coating on a non-magnetic conductive substrate (non-ferrous) utilizing an integrated probe. YAMAYO BLISS TH-250 can be used in many areas of industry including manufacturing, general engineering, automotive industries, commercial inspection, for measuring thickness and corrosion of pressure vessels, chemical equipment, boilers, oil storage tanks, etc. in industries of petroleum, shipbuilding, power station, and machine manufacturing. The YAMAYO BLISS TH-250 utilizes an integrated probe that can automatically detect a Ferrous or Non-Ferrous substrate.
Technical Parameters
Product Info: In Built Probe(s)
Operating Principle: Magnetic induction / eddy current (F/NF)
Measuring Range: 0-1300um/51-2mil
Resolution: 0.1/1
Accuracy: ±1-3%n or ±2um
Min. Measuring: Area 6mm
Min. Sample Thickness: 0.3mm
Battery Indicator: 0.5mm F / 10.3mm NF
Metric / Imperial: Convertible
Power Supply: 4x1.5V AAA(UM-4) battery, Auto power off
Operating Conditions: 0 to 450C
Dimensions: 155x60x35mm
Weight: 125g(not including battery)
Standard Accessories: 2 substrate samples (steel, aluminum), 4 calibrated thickness samples, carry case, batteries and operation manual.
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