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TH-160 Split Segment Code Screen Leeb Hardness Tester
  • Non Destructive hardness testing of materials
  • Most suitable for use in laboratory, engineering site, Metal processing, chemical industry, commodity inspection and other detection fields
  • Supports 360 degree measurement direction
  • High-contrast segment code LCD display
  • Compatible to 7 types of optional impact devices for special application with automatic recognition
  • I n built software for calibration
  • High brightness LED backlight display for dim working environment
  • Compact, potable and highly reliable for harsh operating environment
  • Resistant to vibration, shock and electromagnetic interference
  • Memory of 100 groups of 32 readings each group(optional data to PC software)
  • Confirms to ASTM- A956-06 standard test method for Leeb Hardness Testing
Range HLD(170~960) / HRC(17.9~69.5) / HRB(13.5~101.7) / HB(19~683) / HV(80~1042) / HS(30.6~102.6)
Hardness System Leeb(HL), Brinell(HB), Rockwell B(HRB), Rockwell C(HRC), Vickers(HV), Shore(HS)
Measuring Materials Steel & Cast Steel, Alloy Tool Steel, Stainless Steel, Grey Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Aluminum, Copper Zinc Alloy(Brass), Copper Tin Alloy(Bronze), Pure Copper
Accuracy +/- 0.5%(HLD=800) / Indication repeatability: 0.8%(HLD=800)
Display High contrast segment coded liquid crystal
Data output USB to PC without software (Optional)
Memory 100 groups (32 readings in each group)
Power 2 x AA batteries
Operating Temperature -10degree C ~ +50 Degree C
Dimensions 150mm(L)x74mm(W)x33mm(H)
Main Host 1 pc
D-Type Impact Device 1 pc
Standard Leeb Hardness Block 1 pc
Nylon Brush 1 pc
Small Support Ring 1 pc
Carry Case 1 pc
Manual 1 pc
Calibration Certificate 1 pc
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