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TH-270 Metal Hardness Tester
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TH-270 Metal Hardness Tester
The YAMAYO BLISS TH-270 is an advance hardness tester distinguished by its high accuracy, wide measuring range and simplicity of operation. It is most suitable for testing of;
  • Individual parts or components in assembly machines
  • Mould surface of a die
  • Heavy components e.g. rolls for rolling mills, etc.
  • Testing in a production line e.g. crank-shafts, cylinder blocks, etc
  • It can be used for most metals and can display results in suitable scales. Its highly sophisticated INFRARED PRINTER facilitates on line printing with great ease.
Technical Parameters
HL display range: 0~999HLD
Accuracy: ±6 HL(at 800HLD)
Repeatability: ±6 HL
Testing direction: Any direction
Measurement Range: 0-100 HA
Display: Large LCD with back light
Scales: HRB, HRC, HB, HV. HSD, MPa
Power: dry cell (3 x1.5V AAA)
Operating temperature: 00C ~ +500C (320F~ 1220F)
Storage temperature: 100C ~ +600C (140F~ 1400F)
Humidity: 5% ~95%
Dimensions: 150mm*80mm*24mm (5.9 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches)
Weight: Approx.200g (display unit)
Min. weight of test object: 5kg ( less than 5kg to 0.1kg must be
coupled on solid support)
Min. thickness of test object: 5mm (less than 5mm upto 3mm must be coupled)
Min. thickness of layers: 0.8mm
Measuring Range: HRC :19.8~68.5, HB :30 ~ 655, HV :80 ~ 976, HRB :13.5 ~ 99.6, HSD :26.4 ~ 99.5, Mpa :375 ~2639
Standard accessories: Main Unit, Impact Device D, Test Block, Mini IR Printer, Charger, Little supporting, Clearing Brush, Printer cable
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